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Ron "Doc" Fischer has a passion for old Chevys, and he passes on his lifelong knowledge and expertise to others who share his love for restoring old vehicles.
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The Egyptian Body Shop
We are one of America’s top bike & automotive customization, paint, and body shops. Since 1957 Egyptian Body has been the place to turn your car into a masterpiece. Give us a call for a consultation on your special project. About Don “The Egyptian” Boeke. The Egyptian is the Egyptian because he was born in Egypt, Ohio in 1940. The man has a cool place, wonderful cars and bikes and a cool old time hot rodder-esq body shop and pinstripe boutique. His shop is an old sign and fixture manufacturing plant with close to 60,000 square feet of cars, trucks! Don has always been a leader in the customizing world. He is a well know pinstriper, painter and customizer. Don is mostly self taught and honed his skills at a young age, striping cars after class in high school. Later he traveled out to California to work with some of the greats at the time and learn what he could. He moved back to Dayton and set up shop where he has been in business for over 40 years. PH 937-252-0401
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