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Chilly has Parts and Rebuilds Vintage Carbs
Bill, AKA "Chilly" does not have a website, he sells some Carburetor parts on ebay and tells me he has a supply of hard to find parts for the old 50s & 60s Carter AFB, and also the Rochester 2G & 2GC Two barrel carbs, he will rebuild most Carburetors but almost exclusively doing Tri-Power stuff now and most of his setups are Rochester 2Gs & 2GCs.

here is the link to his ebay page

You can email him with your questions.

Chilly's 1958 Chevrolet

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SPR Performance also known as TBI Parts
Welcome to SPR Performance also known as TBI Parts, A Good Supplier of Parts for the TBI Throttle Body Injections, Crossfire Injection and TPI Tune Port Injection
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