1940 Sears Craftsman Power Tools Catalog
Posted by Admin on November 06 2015 18:36:24

1940 Sears Craftsman Power Tools Catalog

You can view larger pages by clicking on the photos below, or download the full size scans as PDF.

The full size scans are large enough to print if you would like to make some copy's to hang on the wall in your workshop.

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Table Saw, Bench Saw, Tilting Table Saw, Three Wheel Band Saw, Band Saws, Jig Saw, Shapers, Jointer Planers, Belt & Disk Sanders, Lathes, Accessories for Wood Lathes, Model Makers Lather, Screw Cutting Metal Lathe, Power Hack Saw, Arc Welder, Flexible Shafts, Crafty Grinder, Crafty Drill Stand, Drill Presses, Drill Press Accessories, Work Benches, Drills, Electric Hand Circular Saw, Bench Grinders, Polishing Head, Denture Lathe, Electric Motors, V-Belt Pulleys, Cord V-Belts, Circular Saws & Saw Blades, Vises, Commander Power Sprayer, Spray Guns, Air Compressors,