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Downloads: Misc Carburetors

Edelbrock AVS Carburetor Service Owners Manual

This Free Illustrated Edelbrock AVS Carburetor Service Owners Manual pdf Download is 23 pages and Covers the Circuit Systems so you can understand how this carb works, then Troubleshooting, Adjustments, Specifications and Tuning Specifications along with Calibrating Charts.

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Mikuni VM Type Carburetor Super Tuning Manual

Mikuni VM Type Carburetor Super Tuning Manual

This detailed 20 page Mikuni VM Type Carburetor Tuning Manual covers the Tuning the of Carburetors for the best performance. It explains the Operating Systems of these Carburetors and how it all works in easy to understand language, then goes into selecting the correct aperture, main jet selection, selection of the needle jet and jet needle, Pilot jet and slow speed fuel system, setting idles and mixtures correctly and maintenance. Also Tuning for Racing and it also has a trouble shooting page and illustrated Parts and Part Numbers.

Download Instructions here

Right click on the link here below and select (save link as) then save to desktop or file folder of your choice.

It will then download to your computer for viewing when ever you need it.

Mikuni VM Carburetor Tuning Manual

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