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Do not Trust Profile Pictures! Samsung DCC
Why you can't always believe what you see

Ferrari Loser
This is way Too Funny!

Flight at 70,000 ft in U2 Spy Plane - Must See This!
Fasten your seat belt for a fantastic ride. (Some of you may already have seen this...worth watching again, though) This video is a once in a lifetime experience of a British civilian, James May getting a flight at over 70,000 ft. in a U-2 spy plane.

Funny Burnout
I don't want to spoil the supprise, just watch the short video

How much does your wife trust you?
Husband tests bullet proof glass on his wife

How to Lose Your Job - Interview gone bad
I had to laugh also...

Motorcycle sounds man!
Funny Impersonations of Motorcycle Sounds

The Ball Girl Shows them all up!
What a Play!
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